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Review of The Rules of Engagement|Anita Brookner| Viking

review of rules of engagement by Ira singhIra Singh reviews  Anita Brookner’s The Rules of Engagement for The Hindu.

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Review of Bookless in Baghdad by Shashi Tharoor

Bookless in Baghdad reviewed by Ira Singh

Ira Singh reviewed Shashi Tharoor’s collection of essays, Bookless in Baghdad.


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Review of Lunatic in My Head

lunaticLunatic in my Head, Anjum Hasan’s first novel, is one of the few Indian English novels Ihave read in recent times genuinely worth reading. It is not marked by cliché, it is  unmarred by grammatical errors[ A deeply serious problem in the genre, I assure you and, most important, it displays  a real sensibility: a sensibility of the interior worlds of people.

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Review: Broken Verses By Kamila Shamsie

broken Verses Reviewed by Ira SinghBroken Verses, Kamila Shamsie, Bloomsbury, Penguin India, 2005, p.352, (Review appeared in The Hindu )

“KAMILA SHAMSIE’S fourth novel, Broken Verses, is a prolonged meditation on the nature of loss. The novel is the story of Aasmaani Inqualab, whose quest it is to discover what happened to her mother 14 years prior to the events described in the book.”

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Review: Language As An Ethic by Vijay Nambisan

Review of Language as an Ethic by Ira Singh

“Language as an Ethic is a plea for language to be used correctly. But it falters even as it attempts to articulate its several incompatible positions, says IRA SINGH.”

(Review first appeared in The Hindu, Nov 2, 2003)

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Review: Burial Sea by Khushwant Singh

Burial Sea review by Ira Singh

`I have nothing at all against popular fiction; on the contrary. But I do have something against popular fiction which masquerades as something else.’

(First Appeared in The Hindu, Apr 04, 2004)

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