Author- The Surveyor ( Picador India, 2014) | Pilgrimage (Speaking Tiger, 2018)


Coming Face To Face With Taboo

The structure of Ira Singh’s new book, Pilgrimage, is hard to pin down. Although the story proceeds in roughly anti-chronological order, the events it focuses on don’t lend themselves to a clean cause-and-effect framing. Instead, one needs to process them in terms of the impact that they have on the narrator’s inner self, and thence on the reader.

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Ira Singh’s Pilgrimage- Gathering Heaps of Broken Images of Memory and Desire

You were right to tell me that in life it is not the future which counts, but the past.”
― Patrick Modiano, Missing Person

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A Novel About One Woman’s Life Becomes a Neat History of Middle-Class Anxiety in India

Ira Singh’s second novel, Pilgrimage tells the story of Monica or Mona, who belongs to western Uttar Pradesh, through three phases of her life and the events that contributed to making her who she is. The three sections, titled “Pilgrimage”, “Transgressions” and “Punishment” take us on a journey through her life in reverse. In this manner, the book allows us to unearth how the life of a woman from the 1980s to present-day India impacts and transforms her existence.

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